Purchase Your Medical Marijuana
& Have It Delivered To You

NEA Full Spectrum runs deliveries on Tuesdays and Wednesdays within a 50-mile radius of Northeast Arkansas. Your zip code determines whether you will receive your delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday. Be sure to check our delivery schedule below.

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What You Need To Know

When Placing Your Online Delivery Order


If this is your first time purchasing online for delivery with NEA Full Spectrum, you will need to create an account through I Heart Jane.

Be sure to upload a copy of your driver's license and MMJ patient card when you create your account before placing your order.


We only accept debit card payment for delivery purchases; please be sure your limit (allotment) allows the purchase amount. To place an order online, patients must place a minimum order of $100.00.

Delivery is free with a purchase of $250.00 or more. Please note that the delivery vehicle does not carry cash.


You must be home on the day of delivery, we can only deliver to a medical marijuana patient to the address on their patient card. Please have your patient card and debit card ready.

Delivery Fees:

  • 0-20 miles $5.00
  • 21-30 miles $10.00
  • 31-40 miles $15.00
  • 41-50 miles $25.00