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Jerry in Hoxie, AR *****
I bought a 1/2g Tahoe OG which tastes excellent & dank,put it in my yocan twist & hit it 2-3 times then i put in my jacket pocket walked across the road and talked to my neighbor then went back home pulled my vape and noticed the mouth pice was crooked it had broken the cremic element broke off down at the bottom the bud tender got a manager and she gave me enough loyalty points to replace it with no problem. That really helps when I draw a little monthly check,especially now days like we all know.
Thank you!!
Dalton in Paragould, AR *****
True successful companies think of the well being, ease and enjoyment of the customer. And they go beyond to help patients get their medication
Gary in Jonesboro, AR *****
The knowledge and superior service is unbeatable. The selection and top brands are so helpful for my pain. I am permanently and totally disabled for nearly 20 years and the help l have received from NEA FULL SPECTRUM HAS IMPROVED GREATLY THANKS TO NEA.
Dona in Marmaduke, AR *****
The staff as soon as you tell them what your feeling they all know me already too but as soon as I tell them my needs there on it immediately I'm always in and out and They Deliver
Glenn in Trumann, AR *****
1st time ever in NEA Full Spectrum. Did not have any idea what to do or get to help me.
First of the security was super nice, polite, and helpful.
Secondly the lady that got my registered in was very nice and polite. Then when I get to talk to someone and that someone was Rob. He was very helpful, polite, answered anything I asked. He told me to take my time and ask whatever I needed. I will be back. Thank all of you.
Tim in Marmaduke, AR ****
I've been a 8 times and y'all just keep getting better. Keep up the good work.
Erin in Paragould, AR *****
Been coming to Spectrum for months now and i always have such a positive experience! the staff is beyond friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Can’t find a dispensary that would even come close to this one. Customer service is 10/10 every time! Thank you Spectrum!
Cynthia in Jonesboro, AR *****
Great place to shop
Austin in Lafe, AR, AR *****
Ya'll started out good and are getting better. Your service, quality and price has the competition beat by a mile.
Keep up the good work.
John in Jonesboro, AR ****
Stating to win me over. Tinders are always friendly and helpful. Love that they are expanding. Can't wait to try there own flower. Good job NEA FULL SPECTRUM
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