NEA Full Spectrum
12001 Highway 49 North Brookland, Arkansas 72417
(870) 634-6412

Our Patients
Who We Help & Serve

NEA Full Spectrum is dedicated to providing knowledge, resources, and our understanding of the medical benefits to patients who have the need for medical cannabis. Our patients can rely on us to assist them in the selection process, navigating various strains, and choosing the right products for their medical marijuana benefits.

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Who can visit the store?

In order to visit our store, you must be 18 years of age or older, and must have your Arkansas State Medical Marijuana Card. If you're an out-of-state visitor, you will need to provide your temporary Arkansas State Medical Marijuana card in order to purchase products from our dispensary. Caregivers are also allowed to visit and purchase for the patient they are assisting.

local patients

Local patients are those that live in the State of Arkansas and have an Arkansas Issued Medical Marijuana Registration ID Card. When you come into the store to make a purchase for your medical cannabis, please present us your AR Medical Marijuana Card and State Issued Identification.

Out-Of-State patients

Out of state patients are welcome at NEA Full Spectrum. Please present to us both your state issued ID card, as well as your temporary Arkansas Medical Marijuana ID Card.

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Forms Of Payment

NEA Full Spectrum accepts only cash payments at this time. However we have an ATM available on-site.